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How I can help…

I can help you if Anxiety is getting in the way, you are feeling stuck in unhelpful patterns of behaviours, or you just feel like you want more from life and don’t know where to start.

Here At Be Well Counselling, I am dedicated to guiding you through life’s intricate tapestry of emotions and challenges. Whether grappling with the profound weight of grief, navigating the tumultuous waves of anxiety and stress, seeking direction during the transformative teenage years, or simply yearning for clarity and growth in everyday life, my services ensure a compassionate, professional hand to hold.

With me, you’re not journeying alone; you’re embracing a path paved with understanding, expertise, and genuine care.

Grief & Loss Counselling

When we lose someone or something important to us, we experience grief, which is a normal and natural reaction that brings strong emotions. We may feel sadness, guilt, physical pain, regret, anger, and emptiness as part of our grief. These emotions can overwhelm us, cloud our judgment, and make us feel hopeless as we struggle to cope with the changes that loss can cause.

Some people think that the best way to deal with grief is to suppress the intense and wild emotions that come with it and to just ‘move on with life’. However, this is not a healthy or wise strategy in the long run, not for us, our loved ones, or our society.

Grief is a journey of transformation that invites us to open our hearts, even when they are broken by loss. We can honour our grief, our loved ones, and our losses, by allowing ourselves to feel and heal. Hope is not a denial of grief, but a sign of resilience and growth.

Teen Counselling 13yrs+

My Teen Counselling service is designed to provide guidance and mentorship to teens 13+, as they navigate the complexities of growing up. Meeting their unique needs, supporting them in navigating emotional challenges, fostering resilience, and building healthy coping strategies.

My goal is to provide a secure and non-judgmental environment for young people, where they can comfortably explore potentially sensitive subjects. My core objective is to equip teenagers with the ability to understand their emotions, increase resilience, and greater self-awareness, ultimately empowering them to lead more fulfilling lives.

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Individual Counselling

Life is an incredible journey full of twists and turns, and it is not always easy to navigate alone. Counselling is like a guiding star that illuminates the path towards clarity, growth, and well-being. It is a source of support, helping individuals overcome any challenge, big or small, and providing valuable insights, clarity, and coping mechanisms.

Through counselling, you can unlock your full potential and achieve a state of well-being that elevates your life to new heights. Personalized guidance can help you discover your path to growth and enrichment. With counselling, you can take control of your life and create a brighter future.

Understanding + Action = Growth.
Trust, Safety, Choice, Compassion, and Connection = Healing.

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