So, who am I?

Hi, I’m Yvette

I’m a registered counsellor based in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

I work with adults and teens 13yrs+, and I am deeply committed to helping individuals heal, grow and achieve their full potential.

From a young age, life showed me its myriad of colours – some bright, others shaded with grief and multiple challenges. These experiences didn’t just shape me; they ignited a passion within me to be the guiding light for others. I believe that everyone deserves to be heard, valued, and supported.

I use a variety of integrative therapies and evidence-based practices that have been proven to be effective in treating a wide range of mental health concerns.

I believe that in order to heal and live a fulfilling and purposeful life, we need to feel connected and develop resilience to overcome challenges.

At Be Well Counselling, I am here to support you on your unique journey to a brighter future.

When I’m not counselling, I enjoy indulging in life’s simple pleasures. Whether it’s a peaceful stroll on the beach with my husband and our two furry Frenchie babies, catching up with my daughter over a cup of coffee, or simply basking in memory-making and the love and laughter of my family, these moments rejuvenate me.

My counselling practice is a safe and welcoming place for YOU – I believe that everyone deserves to be well and live a fulfilling life.


Diploma of Counselling – Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

Advanced Major Grief & Loss – Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors

Tuning in to Teens Facilitator – The University of Melbourne

  • Australian Counselling Association (ACA)
  • Network of Counsellors in Private Practice (NCPP)
  • Griefline volunteer
  • Raise Youth Mentor volunteer